Equity ReleaseEquity release is a way of unlocking a proportion of the value, or equity, that you have in your home in exchange for a tax-free one-off, or series of, lump sums – without having to move home.

Realising the value of your assets for a brighter future

People release equity from their homes for a variety of reasons and there are no restrictions as to how the money is used – as long as it is for legal purposes. Examples of reasons given recently include:

  • To remain in their own home
  • Home improvements
  • To pay for care fees
  • Repayment of debts
  • To provide additional income
  • Tax planning and mitigation
  • To spend and enjoy life while they are able

Before entering into equity release, the full range of alternative options should be considered, for example: other available assets, downsizing, borrowing from family. Once the decision is made, there are then different types of equity release available and professional advice must be taken to ensure that you use the most suitable option for your circumstances and objectives. Our advisers hold qualifications and experience in this area and can guide you through all the options and solutions available to help you achieve your goals.

Warning: Advice regarding equity release requires specialist qualifications and you should ensure that your adviser holds these qualifications before engaging with them.

Equity release may include advice relating to lifetime mortgages or home reversion plans. To understand the features and risk please request a personalised illustration.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up the repayments on your mortgage.