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May Market Commentary

April was the month for stats fanatics… We monitor a dozen world stock markets for this commentary: remarkably, seven of them rose by 1% during April. Brazil and Russia managed rather more noteworthy increases: the Chinese market shuffled off in the opposite direction. But April was a month when events away from the world’s stock […]


Four European destinations to make your pension go further

If you’re looking for ways to ensure you can enjoy as much of your hard-earned pension as possible when you retire, then moving elsewhere in Europe could be your best bet. The benefits aren’t limited to a different culture to explore and better weather than the UK; all the retirement destinations we discuss below offer […]


Tax cuts now, payback later – what will the Budget of 2019 look like?

The Chancellor will need to reduce borrowing by £32bn in 2019-20 – the biggest ever annual cash consolidation – in order to meet his Budget surplus target by the end of parliament, according to a new post-Budget briefing report published by the Resolution Foundation. The Foundation’s post-Budget report shows how the Chancellor has chosen to […]


The Lifetime ISA: What you need to know

Amongst the key announcements that came from the budget was the introduction of a new ‘Lifetime ISA.’ By far the most attractive feature of this new form of savings account is that contributions every year will receive a healthy 25% bonus from the government. As the maximum annual contribution amount will initially be set at […]


April Monthly Commentary

Introduction Another month, another dire warning from the economic great and good. In March it was the International Monetary Fund’s turn to warn that the world faces ‘economic derailment.’ As always, the blame was laid firmly at the door of the Chinese economic slowdown, with IMF second-in-command, David Lipton, warning that steps needed taking to […]


UK Interest Rates

UK interest rates have been held at their record low of 0.5% for another month by the Bank of England. The Bank also kept the size of its bond-buying stimulus programme unchanged at £375bn. No changes had been expected to either rates or the bond-buying measure, despite recent evidence that the UK economy is continuing […]


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