Partners & Professionals

“I was introduced to the directors of LJ Financial Planning at the time when I was preparing to retire from financial services. They provided me with every assistance I could have wished for. The transition was managed in a most professional and amiable fashion, and culminated in a smooth transfer of ownership in April 2008.

I chose to be remunerated on an ongoing, two-weekly basis, rather than by an outright sale of my business, so my contact with LJ Financial Planning has been ongoing. In all my subsequent dealings with the directors, I have received the utmost consideration and fairness.”

Mr AG – Hazel Grove

“We found LJ Financial Planning when we were considering direct authorisation. We had had a bad experience with our previous Principal where we felt we were not getting value for money or proper compliance support. After a couple of meetings we were more than convinced that becoming an Appointed Representative with LJ was exactly the right way to go, given the size of our firm and the current regulatory climate.

We have not been disappointed and as well as offering a very competitive financial pay away they have been sincere and supportive in helping us do what we do best; write business. We would have no hesitation on recommending any adviser seeking the right network to talk to LJ Financial Planning.”

Mr TH – Peterborough

“Following the death of my husband, the Directors and team at LJ Financial Planning worked with care, compassion and patience in dealing with the sale of our business to them. They went out of their way to make the process as smooth as possible, and for that, I was very grateful.
If you are thinking of selling your business, make sure you spend some time with the team at LJ before making your decision.

Mrs AB – Cheadle

“We were surprised at just how quick and easy it was to become an Appointed Representative of LJ. We received our FSA authorisation and were officialy up and running within 3 weeks of completing the forms and agreeing to join LJ.”

Mr PC – Warrington

“When we decided to buy our own client bank, it quickly became clear that becoming an appointed representative would be commercially beneficial for us and good for our clients.

Becoming an AR has allowed us to concentrate on what matters most – serving our customers and developing the business; helping us ensure business stability through the transfer. We decided to join LJ Financial because of their professional and flexible approach. With a wealth of experience, they have guided us through the acquisition process, helped put in place a robust business model and given us the opportunity to participate in a professional team, where best practice is shared.

Moving forward, being part of LJ also gives us confidence that post-RDR we will be well placed to take advantage of the opportunities that these changes will present.”

Mr PR – Hyde

“Our company has always been part of a network. Prior to joining LJ, each of our previous networks offered very little support, training or guidance – you were very much on your own. They also charged quite a lot for doing very little.

LJ Financial Planning is different. They provide a service that other networks don’t. LJ have paraplanners to help with administration work, allowing us to spend more time with clients or have more time off (we have achieved both of these in the last year). We are even fitting in time to study towards Chartered status, the training for which is largely provided by LJ. You don’t have to attend, but the support is there if you need it. LJ’s support has helped us to double our turnover in just the first 12 months.

By becoming part of LJ (as a Registered Individual or as an Appointed Representative firm), you will get the support you need, you will be treated fairly and your business will thrive. We just wished we’d found them a few years ago!”

Mark and Andrea Bird, Chester Financial Wealth Management Ltd

(An appointed representative of LJ Financial Planning Ltd)