Case Study – Professionals

Margaret was a client of a large city private bank and as such she thought she was receiving a highly personalised service. Her accountant was not convinced of this and asked us to have a closer look at her portfolio management.

We established that the portfolio was not running as Margaret thought it was. The managers had failed to utilise annual tax and investment allowances and they had taken a fairly aggressive investment approach with her investment funds which had not, despite being invested for a number of years, shown any significant level of gain and was not in line with Margaret’s attitude to investment risk.

We proposed a restructuring of the portfolio on a strategic basis and addressed the question of Margaret’s investment outlook and circumstances and established with her a suitable investment spread appropriate to her attitude to risk and objectives. The overall result was to provide Margaret with a more efficient financial portfolio, with much less investment risk and focused on her own particular objectives.

The portfolio has been kept under review on a regular basis and despite the ups and downs of the investment market she is far happier with the position of her investments and knows she can call on us at any time.