Working with an Adviser

Providing timely, cost-effective and professional advice is without doubt central to a financial planning service.  However, it is important to appreciate the unseen added value that working with a financial adviser on a regular basis adds.

  • Communication Skills – advisers can translate complex products and explain solutions in a simple and meaningful way.
  • Counselling Skills – enable advisers to deal with a range of sensitive situations in an objective, professional and caring manner.
  • Trust – builds long-term client relationships and allows advisers to do the financial worrying on their clients’ behalf.
  • Financial Education – helping clients to properly understand their finances and spending patterns helps create more effective financial management.
  • Behavioural Coaching – objectively helping clients to understand potential irrational investment behaviour, especially in times of uncertainty.
  • Specialist Knowledge – enabling adviser to provide technical advice in specialised or niche areas.